FREquently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

For your convenience, we’ve included answers to some of our most commonly asked questions about reserving space at VBGB. If you have any additional questions, please contact us through the form on the contact page.

How many people can the indoor private room accommodate?

Our indoor private room can seat about 40 people and hold about 60 people.

How many people can the patio accommodate?

The patio can accommodate group sizes anywhere from 10-200 people. During the warmer months, half of our patio is tented and during the winter months, our patio is fully tented and heated.

If I reserve space in the patio, do I have the whole area private just for my group?

The amount of space you will receive in the patio is based upon your final headcount. These sections will not be private, but you will have dedicated space specifically reserved for your group!

Are there any fees to reserve?

We do not charge any fees or minimums to reserve space at VBGB during our normal business hours.

What is the seating like at VBGB?

We have communal style picnic tables both inside the dining room and outside on the patio. Bar seating is also available around our u-shaped bar, complete with a frost rail to keep your drink ice-cold.

Can I reserve games on the patio for my event?

All games on the patio are first come first come, first serve and are located all throughout the patio!

Can I reserve space without ordering catering?

If guests are all on their own for food and/or beverages and you’d just like space reserved, we can accommodate!

Can I reserve volleyball courts for my event?

The volleyball courts are owned and managed by Sportslink! We can get you in touch with them to find out availability and rates for your event.

How is the food served?

Food is served buffet style. Your host will serve one platter of everything on your menu and refill as needed until all refills are served.

Will we have servers to take our drink order?

We do not have a waitstaff at VBGB. Guests can order their beverages (and try some samples!) directly at the bar either inside or at the bar windows outside on the patio.

If I reserve the indoor private room, will we have a private bar?

We do not have a bar in the indoor private room. Guests would order from the main bar located right outside the private room.

Can I bring in a dessert?

Yes! This is the only outside food we can allow.

How long can I reserve space?

We can reserve space for up to a 3-hour timeframe. After that, we simply take down your reservation sign and open up any unused space. If there isn’t an event after your event, you’re welcome to stay as long as you’d like! If there is an event scheduled after yours, you can mingle to any open tables throughout the venue.

Can I bring in decorations?

We allow any table top decorations. The only things we do not allow are glitter, confetti, and live candles.

Where do my guests park?

Parking is located in the VBGB/8.2.0 parking lot or across the street in the parking deck. The avidXchange Music Factory does charge for parking at 6pm on weekends or on big concert nights, but parking for VBGB & 8.2.0 guests is ALWAYS free! If parking across the street, tell the attendant that you are going to VBGB or 8.2.0. You will get a ticket that you will need to get validated from us. Should you arrive before 6pm and there is no attendant, then you can park anywhere you’d like for free with no issues getting out.