FREquently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

For your convenience, we’ve included answers to some of our most commonly asked questions about reserving space at 8.2.0. If you have any additional questions, please contact us through the form on the contact page.

How many people can the New York Room accommodate?

The New York Room can accommodate 112 seated at tables or 200 cocktail style.

How many people can the Paris room and Lounge side accommodate?

40 people seated at tables (additional 50 people lounge style) and 110 cocktail style.

How many people can the entire space (NY Room, Lounge & Paris Room) accommodate?

152 people at table seating (additional 50 people with lounge seating) and 325 cocktail style.

Can you move out all the Lounge furniture for my event?

The Lounge furniture cannot be moved out of the room.

Can I bring my own dessert?

Absolutely! This is the only outside food we allow.

How is the food served?

All food is served buffet style.

Where do my guests park?

Parking is located in the VBGB/8.2.0 parking lot or across the street in the parking deck. The avidXchange Music Factory does charge for parking at 6pm on weekends or on big concert nights, but parking for VBGB & 8.2.0 guests is ALWAYS free! If parking across the street, tell the attendant that you are going to VBGB or 8.2.0. You will get a ticket that you will need to get validated from us. Should you arrive before 6pm and there is no attendant, then you can park anywhere you’d like for free with no issues getting out.

Can I bring my own DJ? What about a band?

Outside music is allowed and must be approved prior to event.

Is there a charge for using the projector and screen?

There is a $50 one time fee to use the AV equipment in the NY room.

How do I hook into your projector to show a slide show I made on my computer? Do you supply the cables?

The AV is located in the NY room. You must bring in your own HDMI cord that works with your device as 8.2.0 doesn’t provide the cords!

Are kids allowed at the event? Can they utilize the karaoke room?

820’s main bar area (karaoke lounge, hidden library, pizzeria) is all 21 and over, however, we do allow kids in the private event space only. They are not allowed to be in the main 820 bar area.

What if we have 400 people, can I rent out the whole bar, karaoke lounge…everything, on a Friday night?

We do not do venue buy-outs Wednesday-Saturday during normal business hours. However, this is available Sundays- Tuesday as well as for Day events before we open!

If I don’t bring a DJ for my party, can I choose my own music? Or play from my phone or tablet?

Music can be plugged into our system! You’ll just need to bring your device and cords (HDMI or Aux).

Can we reserve the entire Karaoke Lounge for our guests after our event in the NY Room?

We do not rent the entire karaoke lounge, however we do have 3 VIP karaoke booths (each seating 8 people) in the lounge that that can be reserved for a $50 fee per booth for a 2 hour time frame.

If we do a daytime event for our entire office, with catered food and drinks, will there be a Karaoke Host in that early for us?

For an additional staffing fee, you can have karaoke available for your day time event!